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Foynes, Ireland

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Foynes is a small town and major port in County Limerick in the midwest of Ireland, located at the edge of hilly land on the southern bank of the Shannon Estuary and 37 km from Limerick.

Foynes became the center of the aviation world from 1939 to 1945. On July 9th 1939, Pan Am's luxury Flying Boat, the "Yankee Clipper" landed at Foynes. This was the first commercial passenger flight on a direct route from the USA to Europe. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, this quiet little town on the Shannon became the focal point for air traffic on the North Atlantic.

Today Foynes is also known for the Foynes Flying Boat Museum, where a comprehensive range of exhibits and graphic illustrations traces the aviation history of Foynes. Another of Foynes' main claims to fame is the invention there of Irish Coffee.

Things to See & Do

* The Foynes Flying Boat Museum
* Adare
* Limerick
* Listowel

General Information

Cruise Season – March - Nov
Currency – Pound Sterling (£)
Language – English & Irish
Land Area – 2,686 km² County Limerick
Population – 558
Electricity – 2 vertical square pins and one perpendicular below British style
Time – GMT plus zero hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 44

Port Location – Foynes is Limerick county’s most important port. The village of Foynes is within short walking distance of the berth.

Transport Links – The gateway to the region is from the Shannon airport. Limerick has three operational railway lines passing through it. The county's regional/national bus hub is located beside Limerick City train station. No commercial airports are situated in County Limerick and the region's needs are serviced from Shannon Airport in County Clare, although some in the south of the county may also use Kerry Airport and Cork Airport is also within one hours drive.

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