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  5. Panama Canal – Norwegian Star

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MSC CRUISES: HAVE YOUR BIRTHDAY CRUISE ON US! Celebrate your birthday in style aboard an MSC Cruise and we'll gift you the ultimate dream - a FREE* cruise! Many itineraries available: EAST MEDITERRANEAN WEST MEDITERRANEAN NORTHERN EUROPE CARIBBEAN - CUBA - WEST INDIES MSC GRAND VOYAGES. Selected sailings & Terms and Conditions apply. The birthday must fall within the cruise duration and cabin availability is limited. Available on a selected number of departures as per the spreadsheet at https://goo.gl/o0JI7O. Birthday passenger will cruise for free plus port charges which start from $220pp for a 7 night cruise. If cruises are combined, only the cruise which the birthday falls on is free, this cruise must be listed. No further discounts or promotions apply to that cruise.
MSC CRUISES. SECOND PASSENGER CRUISES FOR 50% OFF Available on over 180 departures, MSC are offering the 2nd passenger 50% off the cruise price. Departures are available in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean, Cuba, West Indies, Arabian Peninsula and MSC Grand Voyage. Cruises are available to be combined, so clients can cruise for longer! Discounts are available on all cabin categories – including Aurea & MSC Yacht Club! 7 nt Mediterranean cruise from $1124 per cabin, 7 nt Cuba cruise from $1514 per cabin, 7 nt Caribbean cruise from $1524 per cabin, 7 nt Northern Europe cruise from $2399 per cabin, 7 nt Arabian Peninsula cruise from $1364 per cabin. Available for sale: 31st January 2017 to 10th March 2017
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    MSC Cruises

    The Mediterranean is much more than a destination for MSC Cruises, it’s their home. Family owned and operated, MSC Cruises is part of Mediterranean... ... Read More »

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The Mediterranean is much more than a destination for MSC Cruises, it’s their home. Family owned and operated, MSC Cruises is part of Mediterranean Shipping Company, the world largest privately owned shipping line.

While the Mediterranean is known as their traditional home, they also offer outstanding itineraries in the Caribbean, Scandinavia, South America, South Africa and itinerary focused Trans-Atlantic crossings. Onboard, their world-renowned hospitality is complimented with authentic Italian and international cuisine.

For Cruises in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe the onboard currency is the EURO. For cruises in the Caribbean, America’s, South America and South Africa the onboard currency is US Dollars. For Ocean Voyages it is dependent on departure point of the itinerary.

Please note, while cruise details and inclusions are accurate at time of loading they are subject to change due to changes in cruise line practices and policies. Please check details and inclusions at time of booking.

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