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Our new Inspiration Class ships maintain Tauck’s high standards for luxury and comfort... ms Grace will cruise exclusively on the Rhine River. With a maximum of 130 guests, ms Grace and her sister ships ms Joy, ms Savor and ms Inspire continue our tradition of providing the most space per guest on Europe’s inland waterways – we will transport the fewest passengers of any longship (135 meters). Our deck plan for our Inspiration Class riverboats is innovative. With a total of 67 cabins, our most popular cabins tend to be our largest... so we have used the added ship length to offer twenty-two 300-square-foot-suites aboard ms Grace and her sister ships – the most of any river cruise ship on any European river. To increase the amount of natural sunlight on the lower deck, we’ve created 8 loft cabins that extend from the first to the second decks, providing guests with an additional view; all windows in these loft cabins open.

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