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The EVANGELISTAS is one of two Navimag ferries which operate our Patagonia routes. Built in 1978, it can hold 268 passengers. Views to both sides of the ship can be had from three separate decks. With up to 40 crew members on board, help will always be on hand during your stay. Relax in the ship’s comfy cabins on this journey to your Patagonian adventures. The cabins on the Evangelistas ferry have beds, bathrooms, and a beautiful ocean view. You will find that Navimag’s team of professionals will provide you with nothing but the best customer service during your Patagonia trip. On board you will find fun activities and programs that will keep you entertained during your travels with us. As we sail through beautiful fjords in Chile, you may be lucky enough to see exotic wildlife such as dolphins, sea lions, and wild birds.

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