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Viking River Cruises 2018 Offers *Book any stateroom category on any departure on Viking's 2018 Russia, China or Southeast Asia river cruise/tour itineraries and fly free from New Zealand. Including taxes. Save up to AU$6,400 per couple. *Book a 2018 Europe river cruise/tour itinerary of 13 days or more and fly from New Zealand return to Europe for AU$495 per person. Including taxes. *Book a 2018 Europe or Ukraine river cruise/tour itinerary of 12 days or less and fly from New Zealand return to Europe for AU$995 per person including taxes. (Excludes Passage to Eastern Europe) *Book a 2018 Europe or Russia river cruise/tour itinerary of 13 days or more in Veranda stateroom category and above departing in March, October and November 2018, and fly to Europe return in Business class for AU$4,995 per person or for AU$5,995 per person between April and September 2018. Terms and conditions apply for all offers. Contact us for details.

Viking Emerald

Viking River Cruises
Viking Emerald

Cruise the Yangtze River on Viking Emerald, a state-of-the-art river cruise vessel. Accommodating 256 guests with full verandas, hotel-style beds in every spacious suite and stateroom, public areas bathed in light and an English-speaking crew, Viking Emerald is one of the most sophisticated river ships sailing the region.

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Viking Emerald

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