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Skorpios II

Skorpios II

MV Skorpios II was built in 1988 at the Skorpios shipyard, Chile according to SOLAS and IMO rules, and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classification, class N° 890.56.66, A1 ice. Her cabins, toilets and dining-room were remodeled in 2012. It is 70 metres long, has a 10 metre beam and a 2.87 metre draft, displacing 1,520 tons. She has an international loadline certifícate, and registration N° 2567 issued by the Directorate General of Maritime Territory of Chile.
She has a capacity of up to 106 passengers berthed in 53 double cabins and distributed in 5 decks; cabins offer twin, double or king-sized beds. All cabins have private toilet facilities, plasma TV and background music. The ship has two comfortable lounges, and an ample dining room.

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Skorpios II

Facilities | Amenities | Dining | Tipping


  • Laundry Service for Light Clothes
  • Dining Room
  • Quitralco Lounge
  • Medical Facilities
  • San Rafael Bar
  • Sun Deck


  • Private Facilities
  • Background Music
  • Intercoms
  • Television


On board Skorpios you will find personalized and kind attention, always with exceptional service & crew, who will award you with warmth and efficiency on a unique and unforgettable
cruise. You will be able to enjoy a refined gastronomy, that alternates good international
flavors with the best traditional southern Chilean or Patagonian cuisine, always accompanied by the best Chilean wines and the exclusive
drinks and beverages in the traditional Skorpios Open Bar

Clothing onboard is informal and casual, however a suit or dress for the farewell dinner is required.


Tips are not included in the ticket fare. Those passengers who wish to express their gratitude in this way should give the tip to the Captain in a sealed envelope. The Captain will, according to
the Skorpios tradition, share it amongst the members of the crew. We suggest U$ 50 per passenger.

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